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Ethiopia is the astonishing exception in the whole continent of Africa for being the major centre where ecological and cultural resources remained unadulterated.TEE considerate of Ethiopia's customs, traditions, religion and culture.

Bale Mountains National Park & Lower Omo Valley(15 Days)

The Bale Mountains National Park is located 400 km southeast of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State in south-eastern Ethiopia. It was established in 1970; this park covers about 2,200 square kilometers of the Bale Mountains to the west and southwest of Goba in the Bale Zone It belongs to the Bale-Arsi massif, which forms the western section of the south - eastern Ethiopian highlands. And it is the largest area of Afro-alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. It is a home for various flora and fauna species. The park which comprises reverie plains, woodlands and bush land, is a home for several endemic species like Mountain Nyala and Semien Fox, where the park is believed to be established to protect these two animals.

Dorze Tribe living high up in the Gauge Mountains above the Ethiopian part of the rift valley, Dorze can be translated with weaver. Weaving of fabrics and garments is the traditional main source of their income, even the huts towering up to 12 m however are woven from split bamboo stems. The Dorze are well known for their cultivation of Enset, Ensete and cooking Banana.

Nechisar National Park wide varieties of plains game roam freely amongst 514 km2 of savannah, dry bush and ground water forest, which are also the habitat of 188 recorded species of birds. Animals to be seen are Bushbuck, Swayne's Hartebeest, Burchell's Zebra, Grant's Gazelle, Guenther's Dik-dik, Greater Kudu, Crocodile, Anubis Baboon, Grey Duiker. Birds seen include Red-billed Hornbill, Grey Hornbil,l Fish Eagle, Kori Bustard, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. Boat Excursion, Lake Chamo is rich in a variety of fishes including tiger-fish, giant Nile Perch, catfish and tilaphia, which offers fine sport. In the bays, a number of hippopotamus emerge at dusk to graze on the grassy shores.

Konso Tribe lives in an isolated region of the basalt hills of Lower Omo Valley in Southern Nations province of Ethiopia. The area is made up of hard rocky slopes. A Konso village maybe fortified by a stone wall used as a defensive measure, their village is located on hilltops and is split up into communities, with each community having a main hut. In order to enter a Konso village, you must pass through a gate and a series of alleys. These paths are part of its security system, keeping the village difficult to access.

Lower Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth. It is located in the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia and offers a wide variety of indigenous tribal people and animals that inhabit it. The region is well known and famous for its culture and diversity. The tribes that live in the Lower Omo Valley are believed to be among the most fascinating on the continent of Africa and around the world. Tribe Expedition Ethiopia offers off the beaten tracks and ecological camping to several towns and villages. When you visit the Lower Omo Valley you have the chance to come into contact with the following tribes: Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Daasanech, Dorze, Hamer, Kara, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, Suri and Turkana.

Day 1 Addis Ababa - Dodola

244km south via Rift Valley Lakes in to Shashemene & 75km east in to Dodola.Bale Mountains National Park 30 minuets drive & 20 minutes by foot or horse to Camp Cangity situated at the edge of the Forest with very beautiful scenery of Bale Mountains. O/n Cangity Camping

Day 2 Bale Mountains

Walking trail/trekking in Bale Mountains/Forest... O/n Cangity Camping

Day 3 Dodola - Dorze

328km southwest via Shashemene, Soddo "Wolayita Tribe" & on to Guge Mountain in to Dorze. O/n Dorze

Day 4 Dorze - Chencha - Arba Minch

One Hour Trek to 30 meter high Toro Waterfall & then back to Dorze Market, afternoon 8km to Chencha to visit Weavers & Potters Cooperative & late afternoon 50km to Arba Minch. O/n Arba Minch

Day 5 Arba Minch - Konso

Safari in Nechisar National Park & Boat Excursion on Lake Chamo, afternoon 100km to Karat-Konso. O/n Konso

Day 6 Konso - Jinka

Visit Konso Tribe at Doketu Village, Machike Village & Chief Kalla Gezahegn Compound.Afternoon enter Lower Omo Valley via Weito, Key Afer in to Jinka. O/n Jinka

Day 7 Mursi Tribe

55km Mago National Park Safari & visit Mursi Tribe Villagers. More info: http://www.mursi.org/O/n Mursi, Meregie Village Camping

Day 8 Bodi Tribe

Drive to Salamago District in to Hana to visit Bodi Tribe, afternoon return to Mursi Tribe to visit Bidiro Village. O/n Mursi, Bidiro Village Camping

Day 9 Mago Park - Turmi

200km via Jinka, Key Afer visit Banna Tribe via Dimeka in to Turmi visit Hamer Tribe in Lojera Village. O/n Turmi, Lojera Village Camping or Buska Lodge

Day 10 Hamer Tribe

Hamer Tribe surrounding Turmi searching for ceremonies & cultural-events & if possible Bull Jumping Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony & visit Schools & Pastoral Society.O/n Turmi, Lojera Village Camping or Buska Lodge

Day 11 Turmi - Kara

65 Savannah Plains in to Omo River to visit Kara Tribe at Korcho Village & Dus Village. O/n Kara Village Camping

Day 12 Kangate - Kara - Turmi

17km to Kangate crossing Omo River visit Nyangaton Tribe & afternoon return back to Turmi. O/n Turmi, Lojera Village Camping or Buska Lodge

Day 13 Arbore Tribe

Drive to Weito Valley visit Arbore Tribe in Gondoroba Village. O/n Arbore, Gondoroba Village Camping

Day 14 Arbore - Arba Minch

Exit Lower Omo Valley via Karat-Konso in to Arba Minch. O/n Arba Minch

Day 15 Arba Minch - Addis Ababa

505km drive visiting Rift Valley Lakes in to Addis Ababa.

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